We help companies and organisations to define their strategic lines of communication.

Alongside the client, and in coordination with the research and consultancy areas of GAD3, we carry out various actions that require a change in communication culture:

  • Strategies and plans.
  • Communication actions and positioning.
  • Communication strategies in changing landscapes.

Strategic communication requires an integrated approach at multiple levels.


Nowadays it is essential to know how the market and cosumers perceive us and what they think of our company or our brand. For this, internal and external communication is fundamental.

Corporate Communication

It plays a fundamental role in a company’s strategic communication plan. We help you create or strengthen this area of your business, establishing the necessary guidelines so that the image projected by your company is is adapted to your needs.

Internal Communication

It is increasingly necessary to motivate a company’s employees in order to maintain a good work environment and retain their talent. The right internal communication plan will influence your own business results.

Media relations

Highlighting the value of your service or product over those of your competitors is increasingly a matter of public relations and media outreach. What, how and to whom I address are key issues.

Media impact analysis

Media monitoring and its categorisation is essential to know the real impact and the influence of a specific campaign, event or public action. GAD3 carries out specific monitoring of all the information in the media, segmenting and analysing it.

Media training

We help prepare employees, executives and leaders to deal with the press and for public speaking. We train spokespeople who are able to engage with journalists, whether in TV and radio interviews, events or corporate lunches.

Crisis management

In a world of increasing uncertainty, no organisation is spared from unexpected crises, where an immediate reaction to communicate inside and outside is vital.