We drive business change through cutting-edge strategic consultancy.

We have 20 years of experience in data analysis and interpretation and with the necessary tools to delve into the business development of different sectors, which has allowed us to achieve a broad vision to fulfil our clients’ objectives and drive business change through cutting-edge strategic consultancy.

Big data: analysis of large databases

We excel in the analysis and interpretation of data to enhance strategic, organisational, economic, or social changes.

Strategy design

We solve the most complex problems from the design of the strategy to its implementation, advising our clients according to their needs, both at a market opening level, competition analysis, social and economic impact assessment, and the suitability of a product in a specific market.

Strategic planning

GAD3 helps companies make optimal decisions in anticipation of their environment based on a profound analysis of the different variables and with a targeted objective.

Data visualisation

We give the client the possibility of checking in real time the field work that we are carrying out for the analysis of their study.

Development of dashboards

We allow the acceleration in the analysis of the report for the client in a way that allows us to understand the global situation of the company in a short period of time.

Database filtering

By selecting, purifying and optimally coding the best data, we facilitate the analysis for the client.