Research is more vital than ever in an environment of growing uncertainty.

Throughout its 20 years of experience, GAD3 has developed its own research and analysis tools and has become one of the main references in this field at both a national and an international level. Despite the increasing fragmentation and volatility of the environment, it has never been as easy to know the reality as it is today.

For this reason, at GAD3 we work with our clients throughout the decision-making process by providing answers to questions that facilitate the understanding and knowledge of the changing economic, political, business and social context.

Throughout this process, we put at your disposal the technical and professional team in charge of the selection and development of the most appropriate research tools for each case.

  • What is and how has the state of public opinion changed?
  • How satisfied are my customers with my products/services?
  • What is the brand awareness?
  • What is the media recall of my brand?
  • Where do I need to direct my advertising campaign?

Technology being its main ally, some of the research tools that form part of GAD3’s field of expertise are:

Telephone surveys

For GAD3, the quality of the information obtained is the key to our work. We have our own call-centre, permanent investment in technology and R&D, exclusive software for the development of surveys and specialised team that guarantee maximum rigour throughout the whole measurement process.

Online survey

We conduct annual online surveys on media consumption, brand awareness, opinion, media impact, customer satisfaction… at a national and international level.

Election Polling

We accurately analyse voter behaviour. Since 2015, GAD3 has been committed to greater transparency and rigour, publishing results at the close of polls in each election and making the microdata of the published polls available to any researcher.

Focus groups

We delve into the reality beyond the data through the flexibility and spontaneity of focus groups. Beyond the headline, it allows us to identify the components of human motivation and the vectors behind any decision-making process.

In-depth interviews

This is the most suitable technique for finding out the opinions of complex social groups.

International studies

The rapid social changes have led GAD3 to share research experiences with institutes and consultancies in more than 20 countries. In addition, each year GAD3 conducts coordinated studies in different countries and languages.

Some of GAD3’s areas of specialisation are socio-political and public opinion studies, brand awareness and recognition, brand and product auditing, audience, customer satisfaction and forecasting and trend studies.